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Reported Weight Loss: 1-2 pounds per week.

One of the hottest topics – literally – in weight loss supplement circles has become hot peppers. That’s because the main ingredient in some newer products is from the capsicum plant, better known as red or hot pepper. And the capsicum weight loss supplement we favor is Capsiplex.

Actually, the key to the process is what’s called capsaicinoids, the ingredient that causes the heat in hot peppers. More than thirty years of research have shown that they support weight reduction and management, by increasing the body’s metabolism and at the same time cutting appetite. That, in turn, leads to fat and calorie burning. And *that* means weight loss. Capsiplex is, as you’d guess, a much better alternative than eating tons of hot peppers; and if you just consumed the extract from capsicium, you’d end up with lots of stomach and mouth problems from all of the heat that’s generated.

You can find all sorts of capsicum and capsaicin supplements, but most haven’t solved the key issue: delivering the capsaicinoids without the burn – most are way too watered down to do much good. The key to Capsiplex is the propietary formula of coatings on the pill; the coatings allow for delivery of the maximum level of capsaidinoids without any heartburn or mouth irritation at all. It’s what makes this product unique.

And it has worked wonders for lots of people. Testers have been shown to burn an additional 278 calories per day; that equals the benefit of walking for an hour-and-a-half, or jogging for nearly 30 minutes. And at the same time, they’ve increased their performance and endurance. The whole packages means consistent and impressive fat and calorie burning, day after day.

In addition to burning fat and carbs at increased rates, Capsiplex also can stimulate carbohydrate and fat oxidation, increase energy expenditure that’s induced by diet, cut the number of calories you take in by cutting your appetite. In turn, that can result in smaller waist size, lower body fat and mass, plus it can lower your insulin, glucose and triglycerides.

In addition to the casaicinoids, Capsiplex also contains a number of other ingredients that help in burning fat. Caffeine is known to increase the amount of energy your body expends; piperine acts as a supercharger for the effect of the capsicum; niacin is an effective fat burner as well as an agent that lowers triglycerides as well as reduces bodily inflammation. There’s also a “Plus” version of the product, which includes 5-HTP for even more appetite suppression.

However, the key to this product is the fact that it lets your body accept and use the most capsaicinoids, without the side effects they can cause. For best results, take Capsiplex in conjunction with exercise; but it will be working non-stop to burn fat and increase your metabolism even without exercise. We believe it’s an effective fat burner solution.

PROS: Effective fat burner with added benefits such as lowering triglycerides and insulin.
CONS: Weight loss can take a bit more time than with some other supplements.



Reported Weight Loss