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Here’s a very different approach to weight loss, for those of you who’ve tried lots of supplements and haven’t had the results you’ve been looking for. FULLfast isn’t a Hoodia product, a fat burner or a fat binder. In fact, it isn’t even a pill.

When you use FULLfast, you just spray it under your tongue, five times a day. That’s it. What happens from there is that the active ingredient (an amino acid) in FULLfast, known as 5-HTP, will release serotinin in your brain. That will hit the receptors that make you feel full and content; that, in turn, will cut your hunger pangs and your cravings for food. It doesn’t have to go under your tongue, but that’s how you get the best results. After you’ve used FULLfast for five days, you should start to feel the effects; it also works best when combined with exercise.

Clinical studies have been published that show the product indeed does cut appetite. The 5-HTP comes from the seeds of the Griffonia shrub and the rest of the ingredients in this supplement are also all-natural: Centella, Artichoke and Taraxacum to help drain your body’s excess fluid (fluid builds up in overweight people); Klamath Algae which works to improve your mood; and Guarana, a stimulant that can also aid in building that “full feeling” quickly.

FULLfast was developed by biomedical scientists; it’s been the subject of a writeup in an important medical journal specializing in obesity, and there is a patent pending on the product. The approach may sound a little odd, but this is no fly-by-night scheme. It’s a promising weight loss supplement that we think may be worth trying if you haven’t had much luck with more conventional pills.

PROS: Simple to use and all-natural.
CONS: Best results are shown when you exercise sensibly at the same time.