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There are two approaches to Hoodia weight loss pills: the first, taken by our top-rated Hoodia product, is to produce pure Hoodia with perhaps one extra ingredient to speed absorption. Hoodiburn goes the opposite way: they include a number of quality natural health and herbal diet supplements in order to create a “full service” weight loss and weight control product.

Hoodiburn contains high-quality Hoodia, created from South African Hoodia Gordonii, and not from an imitation plant as you’ll see from some products. And it’s 100% Hoodia, not just an extract as some products use. As you’ve no doubt read or heard elsewhere, what it does is shut down the brain receptors that create food cravings, which in turn controls your hunger and suppresses your appetite. The bottom line: you feel full even though you’re eating less food. It’s what makes Hoodia a modern-day “miracle.”

As for the other supplements in Hoodiburn, the first two are green tea extract and cha-de-bugre. Both work to accelerate the effectiveness of hoodia in your body. Some of the other ingredients that are included in this designer weight loss product are:
- brindall berry (an appetite suppressant)
- papaya leaf (helps the body digest food more efficiently)
- spirulina (helps lower cholesterol levels)
- astragalus (a Chinese treatment to improve the body’s natural balance)
- chorella (a green food supplement which promotes increased weight loss)
- bitter orange (increases the body’s metabolism)
- shizanda berry (antioxidant that helps protect cells)
- codinopsis (helps with digestion).

Our preference in Hoodia products is 100% Hoodia without the extra added supplements. We prefer to select any additional weight loss ingredients we want to take without having them all combined in one pill. That’s why we’ve rated another Hoodia product above this one. But many people feel just the opposite way; they’d rather go for a complete designer weight loss supplement – and we strongly believe that if that’s your preference, you should definitely go with an all-in-one that’s Hoodia-based, like Hoodiburn.

It’s also worth noting that there’s slightly more Hoodia per serving (1600 mg vs. 1500 mg) in Hoodiburn than in the competition, while at the same time it’s slightly less expensive than the competing product we’ve reviewed. If you’re undecided between the two approaches to Hoodia, these could be the deciding factors for you. Like most quality products, there is certification of Hoodiburn being 100% Hoodia Gordonii – you can see the document on the product’s website.

PROS: A little more Hoodia than the top-rated competition, and a little less expensive.
CONS: Designer weight loss product as opposed to a strictly Hoodia product, which may not be your preference.