Late Night Snacks and Weight Loss

Many who are trying to lose weight are tripped up by the typically fat-filled midnight snack. It’s really hard to deny that bellowing in the stomach as you lie awake at night or watch TV before bed. The solution to this dilemma is to replace the often-unhealthy late night snack with something that will fight the hunger without feeding the fat.

The idea, when it comes to night time snacks, is to eat something that is low in calories, low in fat and low in sugar. This sounds like an easy task, but anyone who has been on a diet knows how tempting those fatty and sugary foods can be. The first step in fighting this battle is to rid the house of junk food, avoiding the temptation to just grab something unhealthy. But even after cleansing the cupboards, the stomach still wants to be fed and a healthy late snack can be the answer. Here’s a list of some great snacks that you can eat late at night without ruining an entire day’s worth of healthy eating.

Deliciously Low In Calories

There are a bunch of low-calorie versions of tasty junk foods on the market today. If you’re prowling the kitchen at night looking for your guilty pleasure fix, you can satisfy that urge by going with a low-calorie form. For example, there are 100 calorie snack packs for virtually all types of sugar-laden junk food. Simply buy a pack of 100 calorie Oreos instead buying a big package of the real thing – and save a hard day of dieting from being ruined by a fistful of fatty Oreos, by being sticking with the low-calorie alternative.

Sugar Without the Shame

There are a lot of great tasting sugary foods that can be found in a zero sugar form. Many dieters have found solace in sugar-free snacks that allow them to have the taste of their old junk food friends without the guilt. Some popular options are sugar-free Jell-O and sugar-free ice pops. By replacing fatty, sugary options like cookies and ice cream with tasty, zero sugar options, you can ease those sugar cravings without saying goodbye to your diet.

All Natural

It’s easy to forget that natural options like fruits and nuts are never a bad choice. Apples and peanut butter is a solid midnight snack that gives the body nourishment on both the carbohydrate and protein front. Many dieters recommend a handful of almonds to quickly quell the stomach and put the hunger to rest.

Some Other Snack Thoughts

There is unlimited potential for late night snacks – however, late night snacks should never be unlimited. The key to not ruining your diet as the clock ticks toward the end of the day is to keep your portions small. Don’t eat a 4th meal or give yourself a free ticket to chow down after a diet-filled day. Have a small cup of popcorn, a bowl of low-fat yogurt, healthy cereal with skim milk or a few crackers with low-fat cheese to put your hunger to rest as you go to bed.