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editor's choice green coffeeReported Weight Loss: 1-2 pounds per week.

One of the weight loss supplements that’s all the rage these days is green coffee beans, and for good reason. Original Green Coffee Bean is our top-rated supplement choice in this category, because it’s 100% pure, made with true GCA coffee extract with no fillers or binders.

The product came to the forefront of US awareness recently, when one of the nation’s top talk show hosts, a doctor, spoke glowingly of what green coffee beans could do. But we’re more convinced by a recent study that was printed in the Journal of Diabetes, Metabolic Syndome and Obesity. The study followed sixteen people who used green coffee bean supplements for only three months. And the subjects lost, on average, 17 pounds. That was more than ten percent of their total body weight – they also lost more than 15 percent of their total body fat. And none of the subjects reported a single side effect.

Here’s how the product works. The most important ingredient of green coffee beans is an active component known as chlorogenic acid, which slows down the release of glucose in the body, and also increases the body’s metabolism, burning fat in the liver more quickly. Taken together, those two actions eliminate weight gain while limiting the body’s absorption of fat. This also lowers blood pressure, improves circulation, and even reduces free radicals in the body.

Original Green Coffee Bean is made from pure Arabica green beans (Arabica is higher quality than Robusta, which is used for some competitive products) and is composed of 50% clorogenic acid, the ideal dose for quick weight loss. You take one capsule with breakfast and another with dinner, which keeps your body burning fat night and day. It’s made in American labs, and comes with a 100% quality guarantee in addition to a full money back guarantee.

A month’s supply of Original Green Coffee Bean is just $49.95; if you buy two bottles you get free shipping, and if you buy three, you get a month’s supply free. The evidence is strong that green coffee can work wonders for those trying to lose weight, and we think this is the best product in the category.

PROS: Powerful and proven supplement; reasonable price, no additives.
CONS: Need an additional supplement if you want more than just green coffee bean.



Reported Weight Loss

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