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editor's choice fat binderReported Weight Loss: 2 pounds per week.

A number of fat binders have appeared on the market recently, but our preferred fat binder is one that has been around for quite some time. It’s called Proactol Plus. It’s not only been around a long time, Britain has certified it as a “medical device product” for weight management.

What this weight loss supplement, composed of soluble and non-soluble fibers made from Prickly Pear, does is quite simple. The non-soluble fibers immediately bind to much of the dietary fat that floats freely at the top of your stomach after you eat. That makes the fats much larger and much harder to be absorbed by your body. The fluid gel is then eliminated naturally from your body, taking the fat with it.

Then, the stick soluble fibers form a thick solution in your stomach; that slows down the absorption of glucose into your body and slows down the digestion of food. That cuts the amount of cholesterol your body absorbs, and perhaps more importantly increases the amount of time it takes for your stomach to digest your food. That means you feel fuller for a lot longer, and don’t crave food.

Lots of products make claims; Proactol Plus has gone a step further. Their rigorous double-blind studies have shown that the supplement makes up to 27.4% of the fat in your stomach indigestible, allowing you to easily excrete it naturally. And research has also shown that cutting the fat your body absorbs, can make an important contribution to management of your weight. The results of Proactol’s scientific research can all be seen on the company’s website.

Proactol Plus is made from the prickly pear, which has been shown to contain powerful antioxidants and potentially stabilizes blood glucose levels in diabetics. The supplement is all-natural and organic with no allergens, preservatives or artificial color or flavor, and can be used by vegetarians and vegans. It also comes with a six-month money back guarantee, which we feel is another solid argument for Proactol Plus.

PROS: Scientific studies confirming claims; stablizes glucose levels, long guarantee period.
CONS: Some mild flatulence, loose stools and gas are fairly common.



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