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If you’re looking for a very different kind of weight loss supplement than most of the products available on the market, Nuratrim is worth a look. There’s no Hoodia or similar ingredient, and you don’t have to take it three times a day.

Nuratrim is a weight control pill made of completely natural ingredients. You only take it once a day, when you eat your breakfast. After that, the product does all the work, swelling inside of your stomach and making you feel full, while it also increases your metabolism to help you burn calories. Studies have shown that your appetite can be cut by nearly 20 percent after taking Nuratrim for a few days.

A substance called Glucomannan, which is made from the konjac root, is the key active ingredient in this supplement. It has a major effect on your stomach when you take it, absorbing nearly 200 times its weight in water, in order to swell the stomach and give you the sensation that you’re full. Read more…